Saturday, September 29, 2012

There are two kinds of people in this world: there's us and there's the "promdi."

Visit for what is probably the best explanation of the word "promdi."  Anyway, I say this because I've met some people who've lived in "the provinces" (or similar situations) all their lives, where they have experienced or learned only those things that can be experienced or learned from those places. They come to "the big city" (or an equivalently very new, very different place), and insist on the truth being bound only by the limited knowledge and experience they have acquired until that point. Example: "Vietnamese culture is different from Indonesian culture. Therefore if I went to an Indonesian restaurant, my Vietnamese friend probably does not know what to order, and how to eat Indonesian food. So, whatever he says, I should not believe him. I'll stick to what I know how to eat the kind of food that is served unto me." Well of course, this is not to say that "promdi" people doesn't become one of us after opening their minds, and spending some time in "the big city."

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